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H-1B Visas can be issued to people who are looking for temporary entry in a specialty job as a professional. There are only 65,000 H-1B visas that can be issued per year and in many situations, H-1B Visas can still be issued once the cap has been met. April 1st is the first date the application period opens. If selected in the lottery and approved, the H-1Bstart date will be no sooner than October 1st of that year.

How Long Does An H-1B Visa Last?

An H-1B Visa is approved for a period of up to three years. With extensions, the longest term for an H-1B Visa is six years. A spouse or unmarried child of an H-1B Visa is entitled to anH4 Visa and can last as long as the primary visa holder maintains status. The spouse and child will not be able to accept employment but will be able to attend schools in the United States.

How To Apply For An H-1B Visa

The first step to acquiring an H-1B Visa is to file a Labor Condition Application. Then you will need to file Form I-129 (Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker) with supporting documents including the approved Labor Condition Application. You will then need to pay the fee required and the petition would need to be filed by a US employer. Once the USCIS (A division of the Department of Homeland Security) approves the H-1B petition, it will need to be approved by the US Consulate.

H-1B Attorney

Our Immigration team is dedicated to helping and representing you. The first step in this process is for us to understand your case. Our goal is to take the time needed to understand your situation inside and out so that we can put you in the best position possible. After your free consultation, you will have a better understanding of the next steps you need to take to obtain an H-1B Visa for yourself or employee. The H-1B process is very complex and competitive. Each year tens of thousands of qualified candidates apply and are not selected. Those that are fortunate enough to win the H-1B lottery still have a rigorous process of proving that their qualifications match the strict requirements of the visa. For these reasons, it is imperative you work with an experienced H-1Bimmigration attorney like the team at Malone Immigration Law

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