Immigration Bond Hearing

Immigration bond hearings may give you or your loved one’s one chance of freedom if they are detained in custody. Many people are being held in immigration detention centers for months or even years at a time while they wait for the hearing of their removal proceedings. In a bond hearing, the Court determines whether a person is eligible to be released on bond during the hearing and what is the appropriate amount of bond for them.

Proceeding In Bond Hearing

One must file a request for a bond hearing after detention. This is usually brought up during the Master Calendar hearing. At the start of the Bond Hearing, the Immigration Court quickly determines the immigration status and the eligibility of the respondent for a bond. For eligible immigrants, the Court will determine two factors before release:

  • The flight risk of the respondent.
  • If the respondent presents any danger to the United States;

    After the hearing, the Court will set a bond amount for you or your loved one to pay in order to compel attendance in the removal proceedings. You or your loved one will be released from custody as soon as the bond is posted.

Are You Looking For An Experienced Attorney For Immigration Bond Representation?

In a bond hearing, you have the chance to plead for your release from detention. You will have to explain before an immigration judge that you deserved to be set free from detention. For many that live far away from their family, it can be very difficult to prepare a proper defense against deportation while in custody. Again, collecting evidence or even managing the costs of the legal process can be troublesome.

However, bond hearings can be complex and unless you get proper representation, the bond may not be awarded to you. Or even if you qualify, the bond amount may be financially challenging for you to post.

Immigration Bond Representation

After the removal proceedings, the bond hearing may be the most concerning issue for a detained immigrant. It is critical that you seek legal counsel immediately to safeguard your freedom and future. An experienced attorney will guide you through the immigration court process, represent you in a bond hearing, negotiate the amount of security deposit and assist you with representation in immigration court after the bond hearing.

Immigration Bond Attorney

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