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If a friend or a loved one of yours has been arrested and placed into detention by U.S Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), he or she may have the opportunity to take advantage of an immigration bond. An immigration bond provides the opportunity for him or her to continue living life outside of the detention facility while waiting for the upcoming hearing.

The bond can be paid at an ICE office in any part of the country.
The person that will be making the payment has to provide:
Proof of U.S. Status Have a valid Social Security number Present a photo ID

When paying ICE, you will need to pay in the form of a cashier's check or money order.

Eligibility For Immigration Bonds

Your friend or loved one may qualify to be released on bond depending on their criminal and deportation history. Their current immigration status will also play a factor into the judge’s decision. The criteria needed to qualify for an Immigration Bond are:

  • The detainee does not pose a flight risk
  • The detainee is not a danger to society
  • If the judge does not deem the detainee to be an “arriving alien”
  • They are not involved in terrorism
  • They are not involved in antigovernmental activities

What Happens After Bond Is Granted?

Once you pay the immigration bond, your friend or loved one will be released from detention. They will need to fulfill their obligations and attend all future court hearings. If they do not attend all future court hearings, then the bond will be forfeited to the court and you will not be able to get your money back. Immigration bonds can range anywhere from $1,500 up to $20,000 and more.

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In Atlanta, Georgia we represent clients in the following Immigration Courts for bonds:

  • Florence Immigration Court
  • Eloy Immigration Court
  • Tucson Immigration Court

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