Ecuadorian woman happy that she will have the opportunity to immigrate to the United States to join her petitioning family member while her Petition for Alien Relative is continuing to process.
Excited to join family in the United States while Petition for Alien Relative remains pending.


Greetings to all our clients, partners, friends, and specially our Ecuadorian family spread across the world! To help reiterate our commitment to keeping you informed about immigration law, we present you with a piece of exciting news that shines a beacon of hope for many of our Ecuadorian family and friends.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced a new, exclusive opportunity for the Ecuadorians; the Family Reunification Parole (FRP) process. This process is distinctively important for beneficiaries who have a pending approved Form I-130, awaiting their immigrant visas.

The FRP allows these beneficiaries to enter, live, and work in the U.S. while waiting for their visa, significantly enhancing the unity of families and facilitating a safer, legal path towards immigration. This process redefines not only how immigration can be approached but it also provides hope and security to Ecuadorian families looking to find a life in the U.S.

The FRP process is only open to specific candidatesโ€”invitations are extended by the Department of State to eligible U.S. citizens or permanent residents who have filed petitions for their Ecuadorian family members. Once selected, petitioners can act as supporters for their beneficiaries and family members, enabling them to seek advanced travel authority and parole.

Upon being successful, parolees will be granted a stay of up to three years, during which they can apply for employment authorization. This new development is aimed at promoting family unity and facilitating a more secure and legal immigration process, ensuring that families are not exposed to unnecessary risks while awaiting their visas.

In conclusion, the goal of the new FRP process is to keep families together, providing a secure and legal immigration path. USCIS has taken a significant step towards ensuring that immigration isn’t a choice between safety and family unity.

At Malone Immigration Law, LLC, we understand how paramount family is, and we also know how important being well-informed is. Please contact us for more detailed, personalized advice and direction on the FRP process for Ecuadorians.

We remain dedicated to provide high-quality legal representation with compassion and respect. Amidst the complex laws and regulations, we ensure we are a trusted source of support for our clients and their families.

At Malone Immigration Law, LLC, we stand by you as you navigate your path towards your new home, the United States of America!


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