5-Year Work Permits for Certain Immigrants – What You Need to Know

Here’s an exciting update from the world of work permits. Now, certain immigrants can now enjoy work permit validity extended to a whopping five years! Let’s try to break down this new rule as clearly as we can in a tour through the details of this new rule, its implications, and an introductory walk-through of work authorization in the United States.

Who Benefits from this News?

This new development shines a beacon of hope for specific immigrant groups, namely those with refugee status, individuals in the process of acquiring or having already been granted asylum, and those seeking or receiving withholding from removal. Notably, even noncitizens applying for green cards after living in the U.S. unlawfully can make the most of this extended validity period.

Exploring Work Authorization Validity:

Work authorization validity varies depending on its category. Let’s decode this concept with a simple comparative table. Please enjoy this home-made table from Attorney Malone that gives you a visual aid of what you need to know:


CLEARING UP CONFUSION: Green Card holders DO NOT need separate work authorization cards:

There seems to often be confusion surrounding work authorization with permanent residents. Let’s clear up the confusion. Your green card is your all-access pass to employment in the U.S., eliminating the need for additional paperwork.

Diego’s Journey:

Let’s animate this law change with our fictional character, Diego. Diego is a refugee granted asylum and recently received his work permit, which is tied to his asylum status. In other words, Diego qualifies for his work permit because of his asylum status. With an expanded 5-year period that his work permit is valid, which used to be only 2 years, Diego can have more space to enjoy his journey toward building a stable life here in the United States, free from the shadows of uncertainty. It is natural for anyone to worry about the approaching expiration of their legal status to do something. When the period of authorization was only 2 years before this change, Diego would only have a short amount of time with authorization before he would naturally begin worrying about the next step. Changes like this are important for the mental health of so many people like Diego, who have been struggling to find peace and stability for all of their lives.

Work Authorization ALWAYS has a Connection to something:

Just to remind you, work authorization isn’t a standalone benefit. It’s interconnected with the individual’s immigration status or circumstances. Akin to Diego’s work permit connected to his asylum status, immigrants’ unique scenarios dictate their authorization to work. There are many sad cases of people who were not aware of the need for work authorization to have a connection, which you can read about in the next blog post.

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Until Next Time:

In this post, we have untangled the essential details with the new 5-year work permit update in our journey to simplify the nuances of work authorization so that everyone can understand the important process. Packed with a story to remember and easy-to-understand facts, our guide aims to make your immigration journey less daunting.

As always, at Malone Immigration Law, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Could you make sure to tune in for our next post, where we will dive deeper into the fascinating world of work authorization?

I’d like to let you know that this blog post is meant to educate and does not constitute legal advice. Each immigration case is unique, and for personalized advice, booking a consultation with a licensed immigration attorney is recommended.

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